Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Five Things I Can Do To Improve Conscious Contact

"Once we accept that creativity is a spiritual act...we can consciously choose to invite divine participation." Julia Cameron
1. Concentrate on my breathing.
2. Meet the day before it begins and be still.
3. Watch the breeze.
4. Stop thinking.
5. Sit by water and read or listen to spiritually uplifting material.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Oh the agony...the guilt...the pain

I haven't been doing my morning pages, taking my walks, or going out on artist dates for the past several weeks. Since I just the read the chapter "Uncovering a Sense of Truth", I felt this might be the opportune time to spill my guts. I think I need encouragement and a B12 shot.

Beginnings of a Poem

I am this rock eroded by harsh winds and trickling water

I am this hollow shell sheltering voices of the sea

the sea salt bathes my wounds

I am this tree rocking to and fro meditating purpose and bliss

I am this breeze perfect in every way reaching beyond the universe

I am not this flesh, blood, and bones

I am so much more than that...

All is not in vain, I have been in my studio, "on fire", creating some awesome jewelry pieces.