Thursday, April 03, 2008

Art Party

Here is another angle of my journal page called "Fusion Heads". I painted it one summer when I was visiting my mother, who at the time, lived in PA. I loved (and miss) those long quiet summer days when you had nothing special planned at all. Sometimes my sister would visit at the same time and we would have one of our famous, "Art Parties". It was like being kids again! We would get out our toys (paints, beads, yarn... whatever) and begin to use our hands to create. We haven't had an Art Party in a long time.

I painted this journal page many years ago. As you can surmise, I was dealing with my ongoing frustration with procrastination. I still struggle, although I feel I am getting a little bit better. I have a great deal of things on my plate (all the time it seems) so it is important that I don’t get too overwhelmed. I just recently submitted several pieces to a new boutique that had its Grand Opening today! I hope all went well. If you are ever in the town of Athens, GA, stop by and check out Nourish. The shop has loads of handcrafted goods by some very talented artists.