Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weather Talk and Shopping

Can you believe a week later and it is 70 degrees! The weather in Georgia is always unpredictable. There is talk of another cold front coming in but I will deal with that later (the weather people here are usually wrong). Spring comes early to this part of the country and along with it a cache of allergy issues, sneezing, sinus headaches and burning eyes. Enough about the weather, I am beginning to sound a lot like my mother. Which brings me to my next point... isn't it insane, how as we grow older we hear ourselves beginning to sound a bit like our parents? Over the years I have often thought that if I had one more conversation about the weather from my mother I might have to slit my throat. Well, I think a plethora of weather stories are in my poor daughter’s future and already I feel sorry for her. Who knew?

Even though it was snowing we went shopping anyway and found some interesting stores in the Virginia Highlands section of Atlanta. My new favorite store is Paper Source. It is filled with gorgeous designer papers, a mix media artist's virtual play land. I spent more money than I care to mention in that store. Next we slushed our way over to Knitch, a knitting store that is to die for! Even if you don't knit (which I don't) you will love this place, as the collection of fibers and colors will inspire artists who work in any medium. We ended our day with a fabulous dinner at Twist, a tapas restaurant located at Phipps Plaza (I had a delicious golden beet salad with goat cheese, yummy candied pecans and citrus vinegrette dressing). Such a great snow day!