Sunday, June 15, 2008

What to do...what to do...

Playing with texture using various types of gesso (i.e. crackle, garnet) on Kozo Rice paper with materials such as cheese clothe and crumpled tissue paper. The text (an original poem) has been printed out on a transparency sheet and slipped under the textured tissue papers.

Selecting stamps and molds...just purchased these goodies the other day...can't wait to see what happens. Picture shot with one of my favorite prints entitled: Kettle and Poppy Seed Heads by Arthur Easten.

Glorious contrast! The small pillow was quilted by my sister, Kathy, who has a wonderful blog called Knitting Sutra, for all of you out there who are passionate about knitting and working with fibers.

White texture...

Placed in the lower right hand corner, is an ink jet transparency made from one of my original mixed media pages. I scanned the mixed media page into the computer, put transparency paper in my printer, and proceeded to print out the image. This is a really fun way to reuse your original art work in new and exciting ways!