Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monet is in Town!

I can't wait
to check out the Monet's Water Lillies collection now on exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Going on "art" trips is an excellent way to keep your own creative juices flowing. Today I took a break from writing and worked on some wonderful jewelry pieces. I was very happy with my hand-wired clasps. I did not realize how much fun they could be to make. I love the idea of using totally original clasps in my designs!

Little tiny paintings.
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Old books- fun to collect as well as use in mixed media art work.

Oil pastels
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There is nothing more beautiful than the blue of apatite beads! They look so...french!
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Sneak Peek- something new coming soon!
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Fun with watercolor and pastels...
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Blue,blue,blue...I can never get enough.
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toniadavenport said...

Such great inspiration for a Monday!

DianaTrout said...

Hi June, Tonia told me I'd love your work and she was right - I'm glad I found you.

Maria said...

BLUE and all shades thereof are my fave color too. :)

eb said...

what beautiful things and images you have here - such a treat to visit you...

xox - eb.