Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finding Water

I have just started on a new adventure. I have joined a group of women who are committed to completing the twelve week program outlined in the book, Finding Water. I still need to purchase the book, but I am familiar with morning pages from my short flirtation with the Artist Way program. So, this morning at approximately 5:30 am I began to write. It is so quiet. I am at peace. My thoughts flow easily onto the paper, simply the ramblings of my mind. Cheez, it's full of clutter! It wasn't until the third page of writings that I began to realize that I was writing about something more meaningful than random musings. Once I looked up at the clock it was 6:04. Where did the time go?


GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Isn't it a nice gift to yourself to wonder where the time went, in this fashion, rather than our myriad "other" responsiblities.
Welcome to FW! :)

awakeningartist said...

I must now find this finding water. This has been a spectacular hour or so this morning, March 19 as I read through your old posts, in reverse order and comment on them. Soon, I must leave to get a state car inspection, and I can hear the trash man out there, and I haven't even taken down the trash, but at least I have your posts and a steaming cup of fair trade coffee with hot unsweetened soy milk. And the sun is shining in the window, what a glorious day.