Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Divining Rod

She thinks it odd to live so close to a mountain where deer run free because instead of residing in a rustic habitat, she calls a modern condo with 9 foot ceilings and hardwood floors her home. The juxtaposition of her residence and surroundings makes her smile.

She loves the colors of her walls because they remind her of the turquoise blue ocean of St. Thomas. The coral red sofa she bought makes a bold statement against the sea of blue. It tickles her that the first thing people say when they walk into her home is, “Oh! I just love the color of your living room!”

There are a cache of meaningful objects that are scattered about the condo, funky patchwork pillows her sister made, white dishes she received one Christmas, blue and white porcelain collectibles and her ebony Indonesian hutch. The eclectic cottage look would probably define her style to a “t”.

She’s at an age she would like to forget. Every now and then she notices the ever so slight wrinkles forming on her face. Peering into a mirror, she takes the palms of her hands, places them on each side of her face and gently moves them in an upward direction to receive the free face lift. She then releases the upward pull and accepts the reality that passing time has on the human shell.

She lives with a sense of optimism that blankets some self doubt and insecurities. These ailments act as a low grade fever; consequently, they do not appear to be life threatening at this time.

The best thing is for the first time in her life she knows what she wants, a quiet place to be alive…to create… a Spanish style cottage in the hills of any city beginning with the name Santa. She sees herself walking barefoot across the cool red terra cotta tile floors, her white linen see through gown swishes as a breeze from an open window enters the house. She’s not certain what time of year it is, most likely autumn and the night sky is calling her, beckoning her to come outside and greet the sweet air and view the overwhelmingly beautiful evening performance. God is waiting there for her. He asks her if she likes her grass green kitchen cabinets and Mexican tile counter tops. She howls with laughter nodding in the affirmative. All she has to do is believe.


The Dream said...

LOVE your 3rd person perspective! Your writing is thoughtful and loving. I feel soothed - thanks for that, as this morning has been a bit chaotic and full of interruptions.

Kiki said...

Ah, woman, you can write. Anyplace starting with Santa. Beautiful. And the free facelift. Awesome. Keep writing. K

Jessie said...

this is some beautiful writing, june! i loved reading this and getting to know you through this exercise! :) you are talented, my dear!

Gemma said...

Lovely images you painted with words.

Elizabeth said...

You have a talent for writing. I really enjoyed reading this, very warm and inviting, humourous too. I like the idea of a 'free face-lift' - I always think: pity it doesn't stay when your hands let go! Thanks for sharing, you cheered up my rather myopic day, E

The Dream said...

Thanks for your kind words today, June. GREATLY appreciated. Peace.

Bill said...

Love your writing, the way you have with words. The last line struck me the most, all we have to do is believe. So, so true.

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Oh, this was very soothing to read, June. You are a gifted writer. I feel like I'm there in your home with you showing me what you wrote about or silently taking in the scenery and homeiness.
I also love torquoise/azue/blue-green/teal: the colors of the sea and mountains. I often use them in my artwork.

June said...

I cannot tell you how good these posts have made me feel, especially since I never really (until about a few years ago) considered myself a writer. It just never occurred to me to write, I never even kept a diary. Thank you all so much!

awakeningartist said...


Being as unfamiliar as I am with blogs and postings and whatnot, I #1, hope I am not violating some rule by reading yours and posting to it, I mean I even set up an account, something I knew nothing about until today, to post - #2, am not intruding I guess I want to say, your posts are lovely, wonderful, heartful and so are the other"s (i don't know what to call them) comments.

Thank the whole lot of you