Monday, March 05, 2007

The Loathsome Inner Critic

It has just recently been reported that my inner critic, "The Wretched Whisperer" (WW for short), has been in a terrible accident and has severely injured her throat chakra. It is my understanding that she will have to undergo extensive surgery. Unfortunately, she always recovers, just in time to wreak havoc in my life. Just as her name implies, she never, and mean never, speaks above a whisper. That behavior is downright insidious, annoying, sneaky, and low. Her soft sickening voice utters nasty sentiments such as, “You are so stupid…So…you think you have talent?...No one is going to appreciate that!” Who would think that whispering could be such a subversive act?

The WW is that fly on the wall that everybody wants to be, the lurking voyeur who peers into my most private moments, ready and willing to annihilate my best intentions. She thrives best in humid, sticky environments, vibrates at low frequency levels, and feeds on negativity. Absolutely nothing is sacred to her, with the exception of the god of pessimism. To him alone she does obeisance.

The WW loves to travel and will go anywhere at a moments notice, but it should be noted that she cannot journey to higher levels of consciousness, abhors zen like retreats and has never been able to find her way in or out of a mandala. She is not privy to my prayers, so to escape, I seek refuge in them. She frequently tries to interrupt the meditative process, but goes limp from lack of air.

The recent accident has lessoned her presence in my life. The injury to her throat has rendered her speechless; therefore, I will take this opportunity to rise above the whispers and persevere.


Leah said...

love this! i need my inner critic to take a long walk off a short pier right about now!

The Dream said...

round of applause for you coming from southern maryland! seriously, prayer and meditation are powerful weapons against the negative beings. peace.

Kiki said...

You go! :) Kelly

Gemma said...

WW slowly fading...especially if you can't hear her whispering.

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful description, and how beautifully you write. I love the bit ...' goes limp from lack of air'! Brilliant. I agree with Leah, mine needs to take a long walk off a short pier too, but would probably enjoy the drama!

thanks for your comments on my blog about my new 'hallway gallery' - it did vaguely cross my mind about why it took me so long. something about 'owning my space and my art'.... not sure; but it feels good now it is done and gives me great pleasure to look at everyday ... it lifts my heart.
good luck with week 3, E

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Hi June,
Superb creative writing! I'm sitting here saying your critics name outloud, but heard your voice telling me to silence her. Love the alliteration and the harsh sound of "wretched" offset by the softer sounds in "whisperer." Your well-written post is wonderfully empowering. Good for you!

(Please feel free to add me to your links, but please note my blog is (called "Emerald Eyes") because I needed to sign in here with the google account.Thanks!)

Georgia said...

I loved this :)


June said...

Thank you all for your most supportive comments!

Caroline said...

Funny - maybe its time you found her a new job?

I particularly love the idea of her not being able to get inside mandalas.

awakeningartist said...

So great for you, Coming to this post on March 19th, I trust you have been successful in rising about WW and can generally exist about her input,